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Horsham Township Point of Use Water Testing Program Results
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Earlier this year Horsham Township Council approved a point of use water testing program to better understand PFC's levels in the public water supply.
Horsham Township Point of Use Water Testing Program

Earlier this summer Horsham Township Council approved a point use water testing program to be initiated in Horsham. This will provide our citizens with information from their tap showing the level of Perfluorochemicals (“PFC”s) in their water and confirming the safety of the public water system. The program is also expected to provide additional data that may help the township leadership as they work on a long-term solution for the PFC’s in the public water supply. As may be recalled, a short-term solution has been announced and will be put into place by December 31, 2016 that with a combination of filtered wells going live, and purchasing more water from North Wales, that PFC’s levels in the public water will be reduced to a level of 1.0ppt or less.
The township advertised through social media and other sources that it was seeking volunteers for a 3rd party vendor to test their water for PFC’s. The program sought to test about 100 households in the township, and based on volunteer household locations, to get a good coverage of the neighborhoods and township as a whole. 525 households volunteered and 115 were selected for the program. Testing began on August 16th and ran through August 30th. After samples were taken by a 3rd party vendor, Public Utility Enterprises, Inc., they were sent to a lab with results expected in 6-8 weeks.
Results are being posted on the Townships website. For confidentiality purposes, results will be shown by street and neighborhood, with street numbers omitted. Those volunteer households that were involved in testing and sampling will be provided hard copy test results by the township. The EPA’s health advisory limit is currently 70 part per trillion (“ppt”), combined PFOS and FPOA.
As of September 30, 2016, the Township has received, reviewed and validated test results on 94 households; those results are attached. As additional testing information is received and reviewed, the updated results will be posted.
Results are being posted with individual PFOS and PFOA results in ppt, and with a combined PFOA/PFOS in ppt. As was reported by our testing vendor, levels of PFOA can only be tested to a detectable level of 4ppt or more, and that levels less than 4 ppt have been treated as a non-detect or a level of 0 ppt.
It is expected that as remediation efforts progress, that the Township will initiate an additional testing program next year and ask those same selected volunteer households to participate again.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the Horsham Water hotline at (215) 907-0034 or email the Township at


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