Lighted Crosswalks: Reminder to Stop for Pedestrians in a Crosswalk

Posted on Tuesday December 05, 2017
Please remember to stop when lights are flashing in the crosswalks.
Horsham Township has several pedestrian crossing signals for our jogging/walking/bike paths and middle-of-the block crossings. Travelers should be aware that yellow flashing lights warn motorist that a pedestrian may be in the crosswalk. These lights were installed for the specific purpose of enabling pedestrians to safely cross at these key mid-block locations. When the yellow flashing lights are activated, state law requires vehicles to STOP to allow pedestrians to safely cross the street.

Pedestrians: Please be sure to press the button on the pole to activate the flashing lights. Drivers will notice you more if they see the overhead lights flashing. The best policy for a bicyclist or pedestrian is to obey any posted traffic signs and not to cross any road without making sure that traffic approaching from both directions sees them and comes to a complete stop. Similarly, if a motorist is approaching a marked crosswalk, they should be aware of their obligation to stop and be cautious because it is likely that someone is going to be using that crosswalk and may not be visible until the motorist is close to the intersection.

Trail Etiquette: The Powerline Trail offers miles of paved trails for a wide variety of uses. While on the trail, please try to be courteous to others using the trail.