HWSA Boil Water Notice Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on Thursday May 31, 2018
Horsham Water and Sewer Authority FAQ regarding their Boil Water Notice

Horsham Water & Sewer Authority Boil Water Notice – May 31, 2018


Below are some frequently asked questions that have been received concerning the Boil Water Notice and responses we are providing for our customers information:


1.       Can you wash your hands, bath and shower?  Yes.

2.       Will we be providing bottled water?  We are working to arrange a water truck from which customers can get water to use for drinking and cooking.  More details to follow in the morning.  Please go to our website for updates.

3.       How long might this Boil Water Notice be in effect?  We are anticipating being able to lift the Boil Water Notice on Saturday morning once results of the samples taken are received from the laboratory.

4.       How was this notice put out the customers?  We used a robo call system to our customers and put the advisory notice on our website.  We were assisted by the Horsham Township website, Facebook, Twitter, and TV Cable Channels Comcast 22 and Verizon 32, in addition to Horsham Chats Facebook.

5.       Does a home filtration system prevent the need for the boiling of water?  Most home filtration systems would not eliminate any potential bacteria or viruses should they be present, however a true reverse osmosis (RO) system is considered highly effective in removing bacteria and/or viruses.

6.       Can I run my dishwasher?  Household dishwashers generally are safe to use.  If possible, set your dishwasher so it is using a hot water rinse or sanitizing cycle.

7.       Can I do laundry?  Yes.

8.       What are the side effects?  Although there is no confirmed contamination of the water and the Boil Water Notice was issued as a precaution, should bacteria or viruses be present in a drinking water source, symptoms may be similar to diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches and possible a mild fever.

9.       Can a map of the effective area be shown?  A map is provided on the Township website, Facebook, Twitter and Horsham Chats Facebook site. 


As we receive additional questions, we will update this document as necessary.  Please refer to our website, for updates.