Horsham Township Milling and Paving Begins!

Posted on Monday June 24, 2019
Schools out! And that can only mean one thing – it’s paving season! The 2019 Horsham Township Paving Project is in full swing.

New ADA ramp improvements have been completed on the following roads: Jefferson Ave., Columbia Ave., Girard Ave., Broadway Ave., and Meetinghouse Rd.  This week milling and paving will start on Jefferson, Columbia, Girard, and Broadway Avenues.  Weather permitting; these roads should be completed within a two-week time frame.

During the paving project, all streets will be open to local traffic and emergency vehicles.  Meaning if you reside on the roadway that is being resurfaced, you will be allowed access to and from your home.  Other residents using these roadways are to plan in advance for extended traffic congestion, brief total road closures, and detoured routes.

During the milling and paving of your street we require that all cars be parked in your driveways to assist with timely completion of your road. Due to extreme material temperatures please keep children and pets away from the road where the paving process is occurring.  It takes a few hours for the blacktop to completely cool so please keep that in mind when walking your dog or letting your children play in the neighborhood.

Please also avoid driving your vehicle on blacktop or crack sealer material to avoid damage. If the paving equipment is needed the following day, it will be parked in close proximity to the work zone, visually protected by barricades and cones.  Please do not let your children on or around the equipment. 
Each property owner prior to the start of the projects are encouraged to check all mailboxes to ensure they are between 42” and 46” inches in height, and a minimum of 6" behind the face of the curb (or 12" off the roadway if no curb exists) which is within federal postal regulations. This will help to prevent damage to your mailbox during the milling and paving operations. If your mailbox is not placed properly and is knocked down during the paving process, the township will not be responsible for damages.

The Public Works Department would like to thank the affected residents for their patience and cooperation during the paving project.