Sign Up to Receive Time-Sensitive Notifications from Horsham Township

Posted on Sunday February 07, 2016
Individuals and businesses are urged to log onto to be prepared now for the next emergency – whether it is natural or man-made – Be Ready!

Sign Up Today! To receive time-sensitive messages from Horsham Township to wherever you specify, such as your home, mobile or business phones, email address, text messages and more. You pick where, you pick how.
Individuals and businesses are urged to log onto to create a profile.

Page 1 - Required information page. This page will include creation of user name, first and last name, password, security question and email registration.

Page 2 – How to contact page. This page will give man options of contact – text, phone, or e-mail. It is important to remember if you list the same telephone number in all listed boxes the same message will be delivered. Please only apply one telephone number to avoid receiving repeated messages.

Page 3 – Add a location page. This page will include location name, county, and address. Select your listed address.

Page 4 - Very Important - under My Alerts – community info - check Horsham only (this guarantees that you will only receive alerts for Horsham Township, not all of Montgomery County).

Page 5 - My information page. This page will ask if the resident applying for alerts has any special needs or medical conditions. This information will be provided to the Township but should not be used as the primary source of assistant for the person with the disability.

Page 6 - Review the information page. This page will give an opportunity to make sure all the residents information has been entered correctly. After review click the finish button. The resident should see a green box confirming the profile has been created successfully.