Help Keep Horsham Whole!

Posted on Friday January 07, 2022
Every ten years, PA adjusts the boundaries of legislative districts as the population changes. Please make your voice heard regarding the proposed division of Horsham!

Every ten years, PA adjusts the boundaries of legislative districts as the population changes. The map shown in this image illustrates the proposed changes - dividing Horsham Township into TWO separate legislation districts.

Horsham Township is a #CommunityConnected, requiring ONE single strong voice in the House of Representatives who will advocate for the needs of ALL residents. Regardless of your political affiliation, this change will drastically affect our efforts to:

Continue PFCs remediation in groundwater
The Township and Horsham Water and Sewer Authority have been successful in taking the steps necessary to ensure that the PFC in your drinking water is at nondetectable levels at no cost to you.  A large part of that success has been because our state senator and representative speak for Horsham, with one voice in their respective chambers. 

Secure state funding for traffic Improvements needed to Redevelop the former Navy Base
If Horsham is divided, the state roads on either side of the base would be in separate legislative districts.  We need one voice in the legislature advocating for that funding; not two competing voices, each seeking funds for their own district.

Assist in economic development required to redevelop the former Navy Base
Horsham needs to speak with a unified voice to secure state funds and assistance for the economic development of the base.  Dividing Horsham would dilute that voice.

Keep our Korean and Indian communities united
Currently, our Korean and Indian communities are in one legislative district.  It is important to keep Horsham whole so those communities continue to have a single, strong voice in the House of Representatives.

Here is where our residents come in - we are asking you to please help #KeepHorshamWhole by making your voice heard! The Reapportionment Commission is looking for comments from residents and community members regarding the proposed map, and the last day to comment is Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

Commenting is simple, click here and tell the commission you want to "Keep Horsham Whole"


Fair Districts PA and PA State Association of Township Supervisors