Public Works Department

Highway Trucks

Horsham Township is roughly 17 square miles, 92.9 miles of which are township roads. There are 23.72 miles of state roads and 1.5 miles of county roads. The township boundaries are Route 63 (Welsh Road) to the west, Blair Mill Road to the south, County Line Road to the east and Lower State Road to the north between County Line Road and Horsham Road, and both sides of Lower State Road from Horsham Road to Welsh Road.

Horsham Township Public Works Department maintains all of the 92.9 miles of township roads, by means of overlay paving, full reconstruction of roadways, pothole patching, crack sealing, grading of shoulders. The road crew performs the cleaning of roadside ditches, installing and maintaining storm sewer lines and inlets, trimming trees past the curb line (in the right of way only), cutting tall grass along roadsides and intersections, where there is open space, painting of traffic lines, (yellow center lines, white lines along edge of roads, and all lines, stop bars, arrows at intersections, both state and township). We make, repair and install signs, maintain all traffic, school & street lights and do the street sweeping, and snow & ice control & removal. The crew picks up trash (along township main roads only), builds walking trails in the Horsham Park System.

Horsham Township Public Works Department also performs maintenance, state inspection and service on all township trucks, cars (including police cars) and equipment.