Police Department

Police Building
The Horsham Police Department’s mission is to provide exemplary law enforcement duties to the citizens of Horsham Township. To preserve, protect and enhance the quality of life for the people of Horsham through a broad range of police services. The department’s mission will be achieved only after all members of the department implement the values statement and code of ethics into the performance of their sworn duties to the community.

Mission Goals:

  • To identify criminal activity, pursue and apprehend criminal offenders, and proceed in the prosecution of known offenders.
  • To maintain a proactive patrol and investigation force and thus reduce the opportunity to commit crime.  
  • To facilitate the movement of people and vehicles through analysis and commitment of selective traffic enforcement resources.
  • To perpetuate a sound managerial environment that focuses upon departmental goals and provides for career development through training, advancement and reward for exemplary performance.
  • To instill public confidence in the agency by maintaining a high degree of professionalism, dedication and expertise in the development of police service.