Chief’s Advisory Teams - ChATs

ChATs What is ChATs?

The Chief’s Advisory Teams (“ChATs”) program is an organized effort to get the citizens of Horsham more involved with their community. The most important aspect of the ChATs program is providing a framework to expand dialogue between the citizenry and the Police, Fire and Emergency Services of Horsham. This goal is accomplished by creating ChATs discussion teams within all the neighborhoods of our township.

ChATs teams are led by a neighborhood resident called a Coordinator. A specific police officer will be assigned to each neighborhood ChATs team as a point of contact for municipal service issues. During these meetings the officer will also inform the team of any relevant information regarding criminal activity in the area to help you and your family to be as safe as possible.

How does ChATs work?

The objective of the ChATs program is to not only increase awareness within our community for suspicious activity, but to unite behind a common goal of helping one another in time of need.

There are three components to the ChATs program:

Discussion Groups:
The discussion group allows for the mutual exchange of ideas between the citizens of Horsham and their police representative. Issues of concern can be addressed and the quality of life within our community can be maintained at the highest level.

Neighborhood Awareness:
Keeping an eye out for what happens in your community is the first line of defense in keeping our families and homes safe. Taking an active role in your safety is one way to participate. Localized neighborhood watches known as “Horsham Watch” will be organized so that we can be an extra set of eyes and ears within our community.

Horsham Watch
Horsham Watch is a volunteer division of the ChAT’s Community Policing program whose mission is to Observe, Evaluate, and Report activities in our community that may affect the safety and/ or well-being of our residents.

Horsham Watch volunteers assist the police department with regular patrols in our neighborhoods, with parking at community events such as high school dances, and other assignments as needed. We are currently looking to increase the number of volunteers available to cover certain areas and expand the program into new neighborhoods.

Volunteers must be over 18 and pass a police criminal background check. Training will be provided. Being a part of the Horsham Watch is a great way to get to know your neighbors and provide a service to your community!

Volunteers with the Horsham Watch are provided with a written description of the duties they are expected to perform. ChATs volunteers shall only be used in accordance with the job description. Volunteers will not work without a written job description and shall not perform duties for which they are not properly trained.

Download an Application here. You can mail the completed application to the P.O. Box on the form or drop it off at the Horsham Police Department at 1025 Horsham Road. If you have questions or would like additional information please contact the Horsham Town Watch Director, Tony Trotter at (215) 643-3600.

Training that is made available to our volunteers includes CPR/1st Aid through the American Red Cross, and the Citizen's Police Academy presented annually by the Hatboro and Horsham Police Departments.

Core of Volunteers:
Americans have a history of coming together in a time of crisis. ChATs would establish a list of volunteers to be called on during floods, snowstorms or other types of emergencies.

How can I help ChATs?

There are several ways to help the ChATs program be a success. The first is the willingness to do. Lots of people say they want to do something to make their neighborhood better. Here are ways to do that something:

  • ChATs Coordinator: Coordinators will organize, promote and set the neighborhood meetings and agendas.

  • ChATs Team Member: Team members will work with a coordinator in organizing their neighborhood. You would get to know your neighbors and relate any specific concerns to the coordinator. If you choose you could be a volunteer in the event of an emergency or participate in a neighborhood watch.

  • ChATs Patron: As a volunteer effort, ChATs receives no direct taxpayer funding. If you are unable to volunteer your time perhaps you would consider contributing financially to the work we are doing.

For more information about ChATs or if you would like to get involved, please contact us at (215) 643-8284 ext. 150.