Mailboxes sometimes present a problem to the Public Works Department when they are performing snow plowing or road sweeping and paving. It would prevent interference with road work, if mailboxes are installed so that the front of the mailbox is even with the back of the curb, or 12" off the edge of the roadway, without curbs.

Property owner are encouraged to check all mailboxes to ensure they are between 42” and 46” inches in height, and a minimum of 6" behind the face of the curb (or 12" off the roadway if no curb exists) which is within federal postal regulations. This will help to prevent damage to your mailbox during plowing of snow. It is important for residents to realize that a certain amount of momentum is necessary in order for plows to move snow from the roadways. If your mailbox is not placed properly and is knocked down during snow removal, the township will not be responsible for damages.

Mailbox Reminders

Your mailbox is not only a receptacle for your mail but helps others find your house. The ones looking for you could be the rescue squad, police, fire department, or out of town guests. Please put your street address on your mailbox. It will help everyone.

Mailbox Placement