Real Estate Taxes

There are three taxing jurisdictions to which Horsham property owners pay the real estate tax: Horsham Township, Montgomery County and Hatboro-Horsham School District. The real estate tax is based on a millage rate levied each year by the respective governing bodies of those jurisdictions. For example, the Horsham Township real estate tax is set by the Township Council in December each year as part of the annual budget process and the School District tax is set each Spring by the Hatboro-Horsham Board of School Directors.

Real estate tax bills for the Township and County are postmarked no later than March 1st. Residents have until April 30th to pay their real estate tax bill at a 2% discount and until June 30th to pay at the bill's face amount.

Tax payments made after June 30th are paid at a 10% penalty. Postmarks within the stated deadlines are accepted; and deadlines that fall on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, are due on the next business day. It is important to remember that Horsham Township does not recognize any other deadline exception(s), that waivers of a deadline are NOT granted, and that any tax bill not meeting time and payment requirements are promptly returned. Further, failure to receive a real estate tax bill never relieves a taxpayer from the payment of real estate taxes, and taxes are always due as though the notice had been received.  
The deadline for the payment of real estate taxes collected by Horsham Township is Noon on December 31; however, please be advised that no personal checks and/or online payments are accepted after December 15th. After December 15th payment must be made by cash, certified check, or money order only. Failure to pay by the December 31 deadline results in a lien being placed on the property and collection through the Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau.
We now accept on-line tax payments (ACH & Credit Card) until December 15th of each year.  If you would like to pay your taxes online please follow this link: Horsham Township On-line Tax Payments (EB2.Gov)
For questions concerning your Township and County Tax bill, please contact the Horsham Township Finance Department at (215) 643-3131. 
If you need to provide the township with a new address for your bill to me mailed to please submit this form: Change of Address Form
Keep in mind that the Hatboro-Horsham School District Real Estate Taxes are due to the Hatboro-Horsham School District. The School District runs on a fiscal year July 1st - June 30th.  Please contact the School District Administration Tax Office with questions at: (215) 420-5023.

Township Taxes for 2023

Taxes for Horsham Township include:


  • The Real Estate Tax
  • The Earned Income Tax
  • The Local Services Tax
  • The Real Estate Transfer Tax (collected by Montgomery County)

Township Taxes for 2023

Earned Income Tax 1% (.5% to Township, .5% to School District)
Real Estate Tax 1.48 mills
Real Estate Transfer Tax 1%
Local Services Tax $52.00 annually (contact H.A. Berkheimer)
Street Lighting Assessment $0.59 per front foot (where applicable) *
Fire Hydrant Assessment 0.03 mill (where applicable) *

* for affected properties only

2023 Real Estate Taxes

Where Your Real Estate Tax Dollar Goes


Millage Rate


Horsham Township



Montgomery County

4.237 + 0.390


Hatboro-Horsham School District



Total Real Estate Mills



Example of a House Assessed at $184,360.00


Township Tax    1.48 mills x 180,000=


County Tax   4.022 mills x 180,000=


School District Tax 30.024 mills x 180,000=


Total Amount of Real Estate Taxes


Breakdown of Township Real Estate Taxes

Fire .60 mills  x 184,360=


Parks & Recreation .32 mills  x 184,360=


Library .47 mills  x 184,360=


Township .09 mills x 187,360=

Total Municipal Real Estate Tax



History of the Township Real Estate Tax Millage

  Real Estate Taxes 2020