Pothole Reporting

Potholes develop when water seeps below the road through small cracks in the pavement surface. As the water repeatedly freezes and thaws, a cavity below the road is formed and larger cracks develop, destroying the strength of the pavement.

To report potholes or other conditions on a Horsham Township road, please contact the Public Works Department at (215) 672-6913, email us at [email protected] or use our new Report A Concern feature on the Horsham Township Website ( and select Pothole.

To report potholes on State Roads maintained by PennDOT, contact PennDOT Pothole Repair at: 1-800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623). Callers to the 1-800-FIX-ROAD hotline should be as specific as possible when providing pothole locations or other maintenance concerns. For state routes, callers must report the county, municipality, street name and route number.

State Roads:
• Welsh Road (Route 63)
• Blair Mill Road
• County Line Road
• Norristown Road
• Limekiln Pike (Route 152)
• Easton Road (Route 611)
• Route 309
• Horsham Road (from Route 611 – Lower State Road)

To report potholes on county roads maintained by Montgomery County, contact the County at: (610) 275-2368

County Roads:
• Butler Pike
• Horsham Road (From Route 611 - Blair Mill Road)