Township Council

2020 Council
Pictured left to right: Gregory Nesbitt, Esquire, W. William Whiteside III, Vice PresidentMark McCouch, President, Veronica Hill-Milbourne, and William Gallagher.

Horsham Township is a municipality of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Home Rule Charter of Horsham Township (see Township Codes Online – Charter) went into effect in January of 1976. The Charter prescribed that there shall be five members of Council, elected at large, for a four-year term. The Council members serve on a part-time basis.

The Legislative power of the Township is vested with Council. The Council adopts legislation and grants final approval of many of the functions of Township Government at their regular monthly meetings. These meetings provide an opportunity for communication, which is essential to a successful local government. The meetings are generally held in the Township Building.