Animal Control


Animal Control Stray Cats and Dogs

Horsham Township encourages the responsible control of domestic animals on public and private properties. Domestic animals, allowed to roam, can be aggressive threats and contribute to the continuing rabies problem in this region. Because domestic cats and dogs are the primary carriers of rabies to humans, we consider stray cat and dog encounters with residents and park visitors to be a serious safety concern.

We also ask people to be aware of the detrimental effects that feral and free-ranging domestic cats can have on native wildlife and natural ecosystems. 
Please contact Horsham Township Police Department for stray dogs at: (215) 643-8284

Dog Licenses

PA State law requires that dogs three months and older have an up-to-date dog license. Dog owners can renew their pet’s license the following three ways:
  • In Person - Visit the Montgomery County Treasurer’s Office at: One Montgomery Plaza - 6th Floor – Norristown, PA 19404 (across Swede Street from the county courthouse in Norristown). The office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. weekdays.
  • By Mail - Go to the Montgomery County Treasurer’s Web page on the county’s website at and download the application, fill it out and, with a check, mail it off to the Montgomery County Treasurer’s Office–Licensing, P.O. Box 311, Norristown, PA 19404-311. The license renewal tag will be mailed to you.
  • On-line - Dog owners can go to the treasurer’s Web page to link with, where they can apply and pay for the license by credit card or online check. An additional fee will be charged to those paying over the Internet. The dog tag will be mailed within three days of the receipt of the completed application and online payment.
Anyone with questions about dog licenses can contact the Treasurer’s Office at (610) 278-3066. 


Since February 13, 1887, Pennsylvanians who own or keep dogs and household cats over three months of age must have them vaccinated against rabies. People who violate the law can be fined up to $300.

Rabies Clinics provided by Montgomery County Health Department

Recommended Precautions Against Rabies:
  • Do not feed, befriend, handle or try to make pets of wild animals or stray domestic animals.
  • Vaccinate domestic dogs, cats and selected livestock, according to your veterinarian's recommendations.
  • Obey animal control ordinances, particularly not allowing domestic animals to run at large.
  • If bitten by an animal, immediately wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water and seek medical attention from your doctor or hospital emergency room.
  • After receiving appropriate medical care, contact the Montgomery County Health Department so an epidemiological investigation can be initiated to determine whether post-exposure rabies injections are required.

* Report animal bites immediately to Horsham Police Department at (215) 643-8284.

Do Not Feed Wildlife Don't Feed the Wildlife

Please refrain from feeding wildlife, including ducks and geese in the ponds. Regular feeding of wildlife can cause dependency on people for food, aggressive conflicts, and the spread of disease.

Observe, but avoid contact with wildlife. 

Wild Animal Issues

Pennsylvania Game Commission
Regional Office for South Eastern PA
448 Snyder Road, Reading, PA 19605
(610) 926-3136

The Commission is responsible for managing all of Pennsylvania's wild birds and mammals (i.e. rabid and deceased animals).

Commercial and Other Wild Animal Services:
  • Critter Control 24 hour service: (888) 330-5334 (licensed by PA Game Commission)
  • Aaarrow Wildlife Management: (215) 247-9000
  • Animal Management (Humane Removal): (215) 913-3713
  • Environmental Services Pest Control, Eastern MontCo: (215) 628-8042
  • Kershner Wildlife Control: (215) 699-1146
  • Honey Bee Swarms, Morris Arboretum: (215) 247-5777
  • Lenny's Wildlife Pest Control - (215) 828 5028
  • A Wildlife Pro (610) 927-7792

Wounded or Abandoned Animals

  • Aark ( (215) 968-4963
  • Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education: (215) 482-7300 or (215) 482-8217
  • PA Game Commission (wounded): (610) 926-3136
  • Injured Mammals: (610) 584-5686
  • Web-Foot Wildlife: (215) 779-0731
  • Native Birds: (215) -643-1263

Dead Deer on Road

Deer and other wildlife can exhibit unpredictable behaviors and unexpected actions. Motorists should be cautious and alert for animals on the roadway and the potential for deer to dart in front of moving vehicles.

Unfortunately, deer and other wildlife often collide with motor vehicles. PennDOT needs the eyes of the motoring public to report the location of deer carcasses and other highway concerns by calling the 1-800-FIX ROAD hotline number.

Callers should try to be as specific as possible in describing the location of an animal carcass. Helpful information includes the State Route and section number (found on small, white signs along roadways), the direction of travel (such as eastbound or westbound lane), and any other useful location information.

Area residents are also reminded that deer carcasses found off the roadway and on secondary roads in the township are not PennDOT’s responsibility. These calls should be directed to the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) at: (610) 926-3136.

Removal of Dead Animals

If you spot a dead animal on any of the Township Roads, you may call or email the Highway Department. The Highway Department may remove the animal or use a substance that will help increase the rate of putrefaction and help reduce the odor

Highway Department
(215) 672-6913
[email protected]
Report a Concern