Adopt A Park
The purpose of this program is to create a framework under which citizens groups can contribute to the community by adopting a park, open space or tail and agreeing to improve it through various tasks and projects as specified. This program has been established as an environmental stewardship and public service program.

Horsham Township's goal is to have all our parks adopted so that we can offer our residents even better experiences when they use any of our parks. The Horsham Township Parks Department shall work in partnership with businesses and citizen groups to assist in the reduction of maintenance cost and more importantly to build civic pride in Horsham's park system. 

The Adopt-A-Park Program was created to give the residents or local businesses the opportunity to come out and help take care of the parks. Horsham Township has a wonderful park system but help is always appreciated and participating in the Adopt-A-Park Program gives those volunteers a greater sense of pride in their local parks. We are looking for those groups interested in adopting a park commit to four work events during the year. These events can be anything from planting flowers or weeding flower beds to painting and cleaning up trash.

Full copy of  Adopt-A-Park Program available 

Selected Adopt-A-Park Forms available