Driveway Pipes & Culverts

Maintaining Driveway Pipes and Culverts 

Driveway culverts connect open ditches on either side of a driveway. This allows water to flow under, rather than over, the driveway. The purpose is to maintain the free flow of water and not impede or reduce the water carrying capacity of the culvert or channel. Individual property owners are responsible for the structural integrity and maintenance related to having a pipe culvert under their driveway. Maintenance responsibilities on a pipe culvert or channel running under your driveway consist mainly of keeping it clean. This means free of trash, debris and sediment; clear of overgrowth, choking or clogging vegetation; free of obstructions or structures. Culverts or channels must not be filled in, plugged, blocked, diverted or altered in any way. Do not fill in or pave over open ditches. This helps avoid flooding and helps prevent icy conditions in the roadways when the temperatures are low. 

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