Horsham Day Parking:
Horsham Day Parking Flyer

Babylon Business Campus:

Once again we have been granted permission to allow Horsham Day attendees to park in the lots at the Babylon Business Campus.  The Babylon Business Campus is located along Horsham Day in between Babylon Road and Caredean Dr.  (Their is no parking allowed in front of Bounce U or at the Veterans Affairs Office).  Please clean up the area when you leave, especially if you watch the fireworks from their.  Thank you,

Hatboro-Horsham High School: Shuttle Bus To Parks

You can park at the High School and a shuttle bus will take you to and from the park.  Their will be several buses running, this option will minimize walking to the park.  This year the buses will be dropping off and picking up at the Horsham Road parking lot entrances to Carpenter Park and Deep Meadow Park.   

After the fireworks the shuttle buses will pick up on Keith Valley Road by the Tunnel under the road.  You will need to use the bridge and tunnel from Deep Meadow to Carpenter to reach the shuttle buses.  Their will be a short delay after the fireworks before the trail is open so please be patient.  

We look forward to seeing everyone this year at Horsham Day. 

Handicap Parking:

Handicap Parking will be in Deep Meadow Park, please have your Handicap Tag out and visible, please enter the park at the in drive and you will be directed where to park.  Handicap parking is limited when this parking area is full you will have to use one the parking options above, please only use the handicap parking if you are handicap.