Sign Inspection Program

A forthcoming sign inspection program will soon be initiated by Horsham Township.  A copy of the enabling legislation as well as the entire text of the zoning ordinance related to signage can be found here.
As with all our zoning ordinance provisions, the intent is to not only preserve property values, but enhance them and encourage our township to be an appealing place to live, work and play.  Proper and legal signage is an important component of that effort.  A small administrative fee will be assessed for your inspection and will be due upon completion of the inspection.
A letter will be mailed coordinating your first inspection.  An applicable permit ho will be notified in advance of our visit and we would like you or a representative, to be present if possible. 
If you have any questions regarding the signage on your property in advance of your inspection, please feel free to contact the Code Enforcement Department at 215-643-3131 or [email protected].
Thank you for making Horsham a great community, and taking part in this program to help maintain and improve our desirability.