Residential Rental Inspection Program

This fall, Horsham Township will begin a Residential Rental Inspection Program. The program includes inspection of all residential rental units once every three years for conformance to the township's property maintenance code. 
The intent of the program is to proactively identify substandard housing conditions and to verify the rental housing stock in the township meets minimum health and safety standards. The program also offers protections for residents in rental housing by providing a regular and comprehensive system of inspections to identify and correct any substandard conditions.
Also beginning this fall is a Residential Property Transfer Certification Program. The program will require an inspection by the township of all residential properties before a real estate transfer. The township will inspect the condition of the curb and sidewalk on the property and ensure the address of the property is adequately posted and easily view able from the street. Sellers of residential real estate will also be required to certify that working smoke detectors are present in the home.
All Horsham Township property owners of residential rental properties are required to register with the township. Registration can be completed by visiting the website below. The registration process is simple. While online registration is encouraged, hard copy formats are also available. You may also call (215) 643-3131 to request by mail.
The Township firmly believes that the safety of rental housing properties is also the goal of the property owners and that this process will be more successful through the collaboration and participation of owners, tenants, the Township and community. Thank you!
Please check back later this month for additional updates on these programs.