Fitness Court

Horsham Township Outdoor Fitness Court

Where is it located:
-The Horsham Fitness Court is located at 540 Dresher Road Horsham, PA 19044 - Lukens Park.  
The best way to access the gym is through the parking lot along Dresher Road for the well known Power Line Trail.

How it works:
-The Horsham Fitness Court is designed to encourage all fitness levels and abilities
to get a full body workout in just 7 minutes.
-Each of the seven stations utilize body weight to increase fitness capabilities and healthy living habits
-Follow through the stations in numeric order and work out at each station for 45 seconds while taking a 15 second break to recover and move to the next station (stations are numbered and painted on the fitness court floor)
-Instructions for each station can be found on the wall decals or through the downloadable Fitness Court app.
-Whether it’s one time through or 10 times through, the Horsham Fitness Court is designed to give each individual the best experience and satisfy their desired workout.

Fitness Court Workout BIG

Where to find the app:
-The Fitness Court app can be found in the App Store on both iPhone and Android devices by searching “Fitness Court”.
-Once downloaded, you can tap the “Learn” icon which will show a brief video on how each station functions
-The app has guided work outs from beginner to expert, with specific workouts to like Total Body Endurance, Mobility & Balance, Essentials, Mobility Flow, Endurance, Strength and HIIT
-Each guided workout has a coach or instructor to walk you through the court and explain what exercises to complete at each station
-There are a variety of challenges that you can complete and track your progress against future workouts
-Going on vacation and still want to work out?  Under the locations tab, you can search to see if any Fitness Courts are near you and view a list of offered classes.

Fitness Court App

Whether you bike there, walk there, or run to the Fitness Court, the Horsham Fitness Court
has endless options to fit all individual fitness capabilities!  
Let’s get to work!  See you out there!