UCC Board of Appeals

The Building Code Board of Appeals fulfills the requirement of the Uniform Construction Code to provide a mechanism to handle appeals from the decision of the building officials, requests for variances, or extensions of time under the Uniform Construction Code. The board is comprised of township residents who are qualified by training and experience to pass on matters pertaining to building construction. Training and experience may consist of licensure as an architect or engineer, experience in the construction industry, or training or experience as an inspector or plan reviewer. No member of the Council nor any code inspector employed by the Township may serve on the Appeals Board.

Meeting Schedule:

Commission meets on an as-needed basis 


  • Sam Braccia Jr., (term expires 12/31/22)
  • Paul Purtel, (term expires 12/31/23)
  • Krista Heinrich, (term expires 12/31/24)
  • Tom Leopold, (term expires 12/31/24)
  • Sam Van Horn, (term expires 12/31/24)
  • Robert Thome, (term expires 12/31/25)
  • Larry Siefken, (term expires 12/31/26)